Frequenty Asked Questions


Does Weedsly ship to the United States?

Yes, we ship our products to all mailing addresses within the United States.

Is your packaging discreet?

Extremely. Your cartridges will come in a white, unassuming, bubble-lined cardboard envelope. There is no mention of anything resembling marijuana on the packaging.

Is it safe to receive marijuana cartridges in the mail?

Yes, it’s totally safe. Your order is shipped using USPS registered mail. We’ve sent thousands of orders through the mail without any problems. No one will ever know you ordered from this website.

How long does it take to receive my order?

3-4 business days. A signature is not required to receive your package on delivery.


What payment options do you offer?

At the moment, we are only accepting Bitcoin (BTC).

Where do I buy Bitcoin?

Cash App allows you to buy Bitcoin instantly with a debit card. You can find Cash App on your phone in the IOS App Store or the Google Play store.

Is my personal data kept secure?

Yes. All customer data is destroyed after every transaction.


Do I need a medical marijuana license?

We do not require a medical marijuana license or recommendation to make a purchase on our website. By ordering from this website, we assume you’ve already consulted with your doctor and know your state’s requirements.

Will you ask for my Personal Identification when I make an order?

No, we will never ask you to send us any photo identification or personal documentation.

Are these genuine Kingpen/Stiiizy cartridges?

Yes. We only sell real Kingpen and Stiiizy cartridges to our customers. All our cartridges include a QR code that links to the brand’s verification page online.

Do I need to purchase a THC Vape Pen Battery?

Yes, our cartridges require a battery to use. Unfortunately, we do not sell them on this website. Many stores on the internet sell them. They can also be found at your local vape shop and convenient store.

Does your oil contain actual THC?

Yes, our products contain actual THC (Delta-9). The THC content is between 80% to 90%, depending on the strain.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, refunds are given on a case-by-case basis.

Is Weedsly legit?

Yes, and we are proud of the good reputation we've earned. We invite you to Google our reviews and see what others are saying about their experience.